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Decals in Unity

  Unity is a pretty great engine and we love building games with it. But sometimes it has a few areas where it is still lacking the required functionality. A proper decal system is one of those cases. Our terrain in BDF is pretty great looking and we do have good terrain textures and environment…
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Tower and Bunker Upgrades

The last two weeks have been spent on improving the tower and bunker upgrades. Until now the upgrades were more or less in a placeholder state with nothing much functional or visible. Since building towers and upgrading them is a big part the core gameplay it was about time to polish up the assets a…
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World Map Update

A lot has happened after our last post about the meta game. We put in a some more hours to make the Amber world map more functional and visually appealing. This week we finally got the map into a rough pre-alpha status. Almost all the core functionality is there and we added quite a lot of…
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Heavy Meta

In addition to the fun and quite addictive core gameplay Beer Defense Force also has a very cool layer of meta gameplay on top. What this means is that you won’t just be shooting or building towers the whole time. There is also a strategic component to the game that lets you decide how to progress,…
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Concept Art Update

Concept Art Update Colin, our fantastic concept artist, has been quite busy in the past few weeks. While the rest of the team was working on the gameplay code and new features he was working on the overall look of the characters and objects in the game. So we finally got around and updated the webpage…
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Build and shoot

  You probably already knew that Beer Defense Force is a mix between twin-stick action and tower building. However we haven’t shared much info so far about how exactly this will work together in actual gameplay. So, here is a quick overview for you of how those two gameplay elements play together in BDF. First…
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Look at all those boxes

Today we'd like to give you a quick look at how we are doing with our game levels. We are far from complete but even at this early stage it is interesting to see how things are being put together. Right now, we are in the middle of the so called white-boxing stage for many of the…
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