Meet Kimberly

Today we want to give you a glimpse at one of our playable characters: Kimberly!

Kimberly is one of the initial four playable heroes of the game. The strong-minded red-head enters the game straight from the 1970's United States. She owns her own truck, and answers to no one but herself.
She enjoys long haul truck driving, duck hunting and listening to country music. You re right! How can you not fall in love with her instantly?

Her trusty Remington shotgun solves a lot of problems. Although her combat range is rather limited she is a lot of fun to play even in challenging situations.
Her play-style is quite tanky and focused on absorbing damage and crowd control. The design is not nailed down completely though and we will keep you in the loop with the design process.

Colin, our concept artist, did a great job creating a first piece of concept art based on our design and back story. The character will now move into 3D production and we will hopefully have a 3D model to show soon.


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