Ayumi arrived

Meet Ayumi! Ayumi is the second of our four playable characters in BDF. (BDF stands for Beer Defense Force, duh!)

As a quick glance at her concept art might tell you that heavy metal music is Ayumi's life. Her parents always thought she would grow out of it. Now she's all grown up, but her taste in music never changed one bit.

As usual the concept art was created by the amazing Colin Winkler.


AAyumi_Technicalyumi joins our cast of heroes from 1980's Tokyo, and her weapon of choice is a sleek machine pistol which allows her to keep a little distance between herself and any attackers.

Ayumi offers the most balanced play-style of all the characters. You can play somewhere between ranged and close combat, making her a sort of jack-of-all-trades and an easy starter character. This is also reflected in her skill tree, which is a good mix of offensive and defensive abilities.
We still haven't revealed any of the hero skills yet but you can expect a balanced layout for Ayumi.

After we started with the initial concept art phase we moved on to actual asset creation and have just finished her 3D model. Ayumi is now in-game and already playable, although her feature set is still limited. All the extra skills, animations, and special actions are not yet working.



Below you can see an image taken with the actual game camera. This is very close to how you will see her later in the game. Of course there are still plenty of missing textures, particles and light sources.Ayumi_Ingame_2_19_2016

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