Build and shoot


You probably already knew that Beer Defense Force is a mix between twin-stick action and tower building. However we haven’t shared much info so far about how exactly this will work together in actual gameplay.
So, here is a quick overview for you of how those two gameplay elements play together in BDF.
First up is the good old twin-stick based running and shooting: Usually referred to as  'twin-stick' controls, it means that a gamepad is being used where one stick controls the player character and the other controls the player’s weapon. This is pretty much how it works in the game right now. Use the left stick to run around, the right stick to aim your weapon and fire the weapon with the right trigger. When playing without a gamepad, the mouse and keyboard combination provides the same functionality.


Run and shoot. Or shoot and run. It's up to you!

Now let’s get to the fun stuff: Building towers. Right now the game has two different structures you can build in a level: The tower and the bunker. Both buildings help you defend your beer against the zombie hordes and differ slightly in their respective stats such as hit-points, range,  damage output and weapon type.

tower      bunker

(The basic tower and bunker you can build)

Those are just the basic building types of course. There are plenty of upgrades upgrades you can use to improve the buildings and change how they behave.

To place a new building simply press one of the build buttons (currently mapped to the dpad) and a building ‘ghost’ will appear in front of your player character. Then you can run around, aim it (almost) anywhere on the map and *thump* there is your new tower.
Needless to say the whole process is a bit more tricky when a few dozen zombies are trying to kill you while you are placing your towers 🙂

Tower placement

This area is much safer now...

Of course initially your defensive buildings have only rather basic abilities. The real fun starts when you have enough alcomagic (the game’s main resource) collected to upgrade the buildings.

Upgrading a building works the following way: Each building has three specializations, each specialization has two perks and each perk has one improvement. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, just have a look at this super easy-on-the-eye graph that shows you how things work.


While the basic version of a building is quite useful already, the specializations help you to deal with more dangerous situations. Need to take care of some armored enemies? How about a rocket launcher upgrades? Too many fast guys running past you? Try a flame thrower!
Once a specialization has been picked, a perk can be chosen that adds a little twist to the tower weapons. Like to turn your rocket laucher into a homing missile or do you prefer a bunch of mini rockets to be shot instead? The perks lets you add even more flavor to your weapons.
Finally each perk has one more improvement stage. When upgraded the selected perk becomes even more effective.

We finished the design phase on most of those upgrades and some of them are even already in the game.
There will be more details on what upgrades each building can do in the future. We are still taking care of the basic balancing issues with the building we have in the game so far. This means making sure each weapon does the right amount of damage, has the right cost, etc.
Once this is all in a good state we can share a bit more info on what the actual upgrades do.


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