Heavy Meta

In addition to the fun and quite addictive core gameplay Beer Defense Force also has a very cool layer of meta gameplay on top. What this means is that you won’t just be shooting or building towers the whole time. There is also a strategic component to the game that lets you decide how to progress, which skills to upgrade and how to spend XP in general.

Most of this takes place in the world map of Amber. You can imagine the world map as some kind of universal main menu. From the world map you can select individual regions, access the different game modes and visit special locations relevant to the story mode of the game.
The map is split up in different regions which you can conquer in order to progress through the game. A new region can only be accessed if at least one connecting region is already conquered.
Take a look at this screenshot to see how it actually looks behind the scenes.


This is how the engine actually sees the different regions and the meta information. We set these regions up manually in the editor and tweak each region until it makes sense in terms of location and difficulty.

Later in the game all the region borders will be properly visualized and there will be more information provided about the actual content and progress. This would be things like: How difficult is this level, how much beer can I gain, what achievements are there, etc.

To give you an idea of how things might look in the final game, here is a work-in-progress screenshot of the 3D model of Amber. As usual nothing is really final here but imagine a layer of UI filled with game relevant information on top and you know what we are aiming for.


We are currently working on the different ways to highlight and select individual regions and are trying to figure out what kind of UI would work well on such a 3D Model.

The next dev update might already show some more or less final UI. Fingers crossed!

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