Tower and Bunker Upgrades

The last two weeks have been spent on improving the tower and bunker upgrades. Until now the upgrades were more or less in a placeholder state with nothing much functional or visible. Since building towers and upgrading them is a big part the core gameplay it was about time to polish up the assets a bit and get things functional.
Bunkers and towers in Beer Defense Force have plenty of upgrades of course and it will be a while until all of them are done. We got started with a couple of the the basic upgrades, namely the rocket launcher and the flamethrower. Basically the things most useful when faced with a couple of hundred of zombies who want to drink your beer.

Asset Creation

The rocket launcher upgrade of the tower has come out of the modeling and texturing stage and made it into the engine. The upgrade consists of modular parts which get added to the building once the upgrade is bought.

Rocketlauncher tower in Max and in the game engine

The rocket launcher upgrade in 3D Studio Max and in the engine

The asset creation part is relatively straight forward: Take a big rocket launcher and slap it onto a tower. The launcher is attached to a base in the center of the tower so it can be rotated in all directions.
When it is actually shooting the launcher will rotate towards the target and then fire. Instead of firing in a straight line the launcher actually shoots in a arc. Not super realistic but much better looking and very readable for the player. After all we are making a video game, so readability is more important than realism.

With the 3D assets finished and textured, the particle effects are next up. A good rocket launcher of course comes with a lots of fire, smoke and explosions!
The particle effects for the weapon are created in an external particle editor tool and then imported into Unity. We haven't finished the effects for the launcher, rocket and the impact yet but here is a quick work-in-progress video for you.


Flamethrower Bunker

The bunker upgrades have also been coming along well and we have made good progress. It is common knowledge that flamethrowers are really useful when dealing with larger groups of zombies. Hence the flamethrower is one of the most fun upgrades for the bunker.

Here is how the upgrade piece looks in Max.

The bunker in 3D Studio Max

The Upgrade asset in 3D Studio Max

In case of the bunker the update piece simply gets glued on top of the bunker. The red canisters and the round shape help to visually distinguish this upgrade easily. The actual weapon upgrade happens inside the bunker and instead of the basic shotgun weapon the bunker will dispense fiery death. The asset visible on top of the bunker is really just there to visualize the upgrade for the player.

I did a quick in-game test to see how the piece fits in. Keep in mind that this video is taken from our development version and all the damage values are pretty off. Not to mention, no audio,  missing lighting, decals and a general level of polish 🙂


As you can see the weapon range is pretty limited but the amount of damage over time totally makes up for it. The goal is to get those two upgrades finalized and up and running in the game by end of next week. There is still a lot of code missing until the weapons behave properly but it is a fun task.


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