World Map Update

A lot has happened after our last post about the meta game. We put in a some more hours to make the Amber world map more functional and visually appealing. This week we finally got the map into a rough pre-alpha status. Almost all the core functionality is there and we added quite a lot of polish.
Check out this screenshot from today's build:


Region Rework

You can see some changes in the regions in the above screenshot. We reworked the region selection code and the accompanying effects to improve the overview when different regions are selected. There is now a nice green/yellow highlight depending on what region is selected.
Although the user interface elements inside the regions are still placeholders, they are basically functional. The amount of beer you can win in this region, along with the individual level rating will be displayed inside the region.

Detail Polish

Although the initial version of the map did already look quite alright we added a bit of detail to the model.
The island itself is basically just one textured mesh with a plane of water added on top. It has regular albedo, spec and normal maps for the basic look. On top of this there is a second detail texture to add some more details in case you want to zoom in a bit closer. Check out the different screenshots below, showing the different layers.


Not done yet

There are still a couple of more things which need to be added to the map. Special locations on the map for example will get custom out-of-scale models of certain structures and places in the world.
Furthermore the map is still pretty static and we would like to add some more animations and details to make things look more alive.
For now we will keep on working with the map as it is and revisit this tasks once we have improved the core gameplay a bit.


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