Rivers of beer have once flown in the land of Amber. Literally. Until an evil wizard poisoned the well at Mount Brewski. Now the Order of the Holy Brew seeks your help.


Poisoned beer turned good, beer-respecting men into zombies. Driven by low blood alcohol levels, they roam the world, out to taint the last remaining clean beer fountains.


Headshots are a great way to kill zombies. But turrets do just as fine. Use the power of the Holy Six-Pack to build defensive structures, lean back and watch the massacre.


Four heroes from Earth are united by the Holy-Six Pack to fight the corruption of beer. Together they might triumph over the zombie hordes and restore Mount Brewski to its former glory.

Beer Defense Force

A twin stick shooter with zombies, tower building and beer.

Beer Defense Force combines the fun of tower building with the joy of running around and wasting zombies. You can also add the enjoyment of drinking beer while you play yourself (if you are of legal drinking age of course). And all of that comes wrapped in three different game modes, that can all be played alone or in co-op with some friends.

More information:

Co-Op All The Way

Co-Op Campaign

Play the entire campaign alone or with friends, with up to four players. This lovely game was designed for multiplayer gameplay from the start, and the co-op wasn't just added on as an afterthought.

Local and Network Co-Op

All four players can play locally, on the same screen, or you can connect via the internet. Or... both! Have some friends over, and play mixed local and network multiplayer with those that couldn't make it!

Persistent Heroes

Level up your local characters with their unique skill trees. You will keep your stats when your restart the game. Or use them in multiplayer...