Tactical Twin-Stick Action with zombies and beer


Do you like twin stick shooters? Do you like zombies?  Do you like playing alone or with your friends? Do you like beer?

Then look no further! Because Beer Defense Force is the game you have been secretly waiting for. Play alone or with your friends and defend mankind's last beer reserves from hordes of thirsty zombies.
Beer Defense Force is built around a seamless four-player coop experience. Both the challenging single missions and the story campaign can be played alone or with up to four players.

The core gameplay is as simple as it is challenging: Protect your beer, kill the zombies and defend yourself. Pick one of four different characters and create your own skill tree and play style to help you beat all levels.

Twin-stick meets tower defense

You won't have to rely on your hero's firepower alone. Building defensive towers is a big part of the gameplay. Of course you are not constrained to build your towers in a fixed location but they can be freely placed all over the map. Keep in mind that each tower and upgrade costs an amount of alcomagic. Only with enough alcomagic will you be able to build a strong network of defensive towers. Where do you get alcomagic from you ask? Easy: Just kill zombies and collect the glowing golden alcomagic they leave behind.

Towers and Bunkers

Build versatile towers with the ability to be upgraded into different variations. Do you prefer some snipers on your tower or a big fat rocket launcher mounted on top. It's up to you!
Need something more sturdy? Then go with a bunker instead of a tower. Bunkers have a lower attack range than towers but can take a lot more damage before getting destroyed. In addition to that they offer the ability for fun upgrades like flamethrowers, rope guns and blade cannons. A lot of fun!

tower  bunker

Heavy Meta

In between the action heavy fights to protect your beer, the game also offers a dense meta game. Not only is there a cool story line guiding you through the various levels, but there is also an interactive world map as well as a lot of global upgrades and tech trees waiting for you.
Conquer the different regions of Amber, selecting where you want to fight next on the campaign world map.