Build and shoot

  You probably already knew that Beer Defense Force is a mix between twin-stick action and tower building. However we haven’t shared much info so far about how exactly this will work together in actual gameplay. So, here is a quick overview for you of how those two gameplay elements play together in BDF. First…
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Livestream incoming – New build and local coop

A new Beer Defense Force livestream is coming your way! We will be visiting Stevinho and the JustNetwork-Crew on Saturday the 23rd of April. You will see a new early Beer Defense Force build with updated textures and effects and on top of that we fight our way through the local coop for the first time…
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MetalPop goes GDC

We are excited to visit San Francisco this week in order to attend the Games Developers Conference, one of the biggest forums for games professionals world wide. Until Friday the 18th of March, the Moscone Center in San Francisco will be the place to be if you want to exchange ideas and see the future…
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Ayumi arrived

Meet Ayumi! Ayumi is the second of our four playable characters in BDF. (BDF stands for Beer Defense Force, duh!)
As a quick glance at her concept art might tell you that...

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Look at all those boxes

Today we'd like to give you a quick look at how we are doing with our game levels. We are far from complete but even at this early stage it is interesting to see how things are being put together. Right now, we are in the middle of the so called white-boxing stage for many of the…
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Meet Kimberly

Today we want to give you a glimpse at one of our playable characters: Kimberly! Kimberly is one of the initial four playable heroes of the game. The strong-minded red-head enters the game straight from the 1970's United States. She owns her own truck, and answers to no one but herself. She enjoys long haul truck driving,…
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All good things…

...start with a logo! Our brand new and shiny logo is one of the first things we finished. Usually designing a logo comes much later in the game development process. This time however we happened to come up with a good design quite early and really fell in love with it. Logo design isn't our…
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Website Launch!

Welcome to Beer Defense Force! We just finished the setup of the website and finally things are online. It is still pretty empty here but you can expect more content quite soon!
Finally we have a place to dump screenshots, development updates and random thoughts on different beer brands! The game is still very early in development, so there will be more material as we move along in our usual slow pace!
Stay tuned or more updates!

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