Say hi to Amelia!
Amelia got sucked into Amber right from her home in Scotland in the 2010's. Her real home however is the cyberspace, the place where she feels most comfortable and safe. As an expert with technology, code and digital security systems, Amelia usually earns her paycheck by taking on jobs which involve computer work and are not always on the legal side of the law.
Amelia's life changed quite a lot when she was 16. A seemingly easy hacking job went south and Amelia got hit by a car while trying to escape the police after she was compromised. Due to her young age she was only sentenced to two years in jail, but the loss of both her legs made her a life a lot harder from that day on.
Although she is confined to a wheelchair, her tech skills and fire-power make her a valuable member of the Beer Defense Force.


Amelia's gameplay style can best be described as a 'cannon on wheels'. Her wheelchair gives her a lot of mobility and can be upgraded with a plethora of different weapons.

Prefer a high-tech laser cannon or rather some good old rockets? It's up to you to customize Amelia's skill tree to find your favorite play style.
With all the fire power Amelia has at her disposal though, she is rather squishy. So keeping your distance from the enemies is vital to her survival.

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