Say Hi to Ayumi!

Ayumi is a 1980's metal-head from Tokyo who got suddenly transported into the world of Amber. No more beer and heavy metal concerts for Auymi now. Staying alive and helping the survivors of Amber is now the only thing left on her mind.


Ayumi is the most balanced of all our four playable heroines. Her medium range play-style is quite balanced with offensive an defensive abilities.


Ayumi uses her machine pistol to keep enemies at a medium range. She is neither tank'y nor especially strong in melee combat, so keeping the right distance to a dangerous situation is vital in playing her effectively.

In addition to her main weapon, the machine pistol Ayumi has the ability to throw grenades. What makes those grenades quite flexible to use is the fact that they can be upgraded into different with different effects.
How would you like your grenades cooked? Well done simple frag, sticky, bouncy, electrocuting? It's up to you to spend your skill points accordingly and adjust Ayumi to fit your play-style.

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